Auto Insurance for People with Disabilities in California

Vehicle insurance for people with disabilities can pose a difficult situation for California insurance companies. There are many myths about being a disabled driver. Finding coverage for people with disabilities has myths that need to be debunked. The 2 Myths In Question: 1. Disabled motorists can not find insurance. 2. Disabled drivers pay higher premiums. In 1990 the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed. This guarantees disabled motorists can get insured, if they wish to drive.

California Vehicle Insurance For All

Disabled people work where they’re qualified to do so. They are driving around getting on with their everyday life just like everyone else. Just as a person with disabilities is able to take public transportation they are also able to drive. They are also entitled to buy policies for their vehicles. No one should experience discrimination especially someone with disabilities. The law says that a disabled person can’t be denied insurance coverage or be made to pay higher premiums.

Disabled Drivers Lower Risk Motorist

A diabetic, that has low blood sugar could pose a risk to the public while driving. California auto insurance for people with disabilities must keep that in mind. Policies are usually underwritten with the risk factors in mind. Someone that has lost a limb that disability will not affect the premiums. The disabled are actually a lower risk drivers according to statistics. They tend to be more cautious as well as courteous drivers than unimpaired drivers.

Fair Priced California Car Insurance for People With Disabilities

Anyone that is legally allowed to have a driving license should be insurable at a decent price. A few disabilities have restrictions applied at the DMV level. Documentation from a doctor authorizing their present health situation and ability to drive. If you can legally drive then you have a right to fair price.

The same rules on finding cheap auto insurance rates and tips applies to disabled people too. They need to determine what covers are important to them and they need to search for the best quotes online and offline. Remember that just because a company is offering you higher quote doesn’t mean that they are discriminating against you. It may be that they are a particularly expensive company and that is their usual prices.